Northgard - Ratatoskr Clan of the Squirrel (DLC)

Northgard - Ratatoskr Clan of the Squirrel (DLC)

Buy Northgard Ratatoskr Clan of the Squirrel now!

You will receive the key for the DLC by Shiro Gamesvia eMail within the stated delivery time.

By purchasing this DLC, you get access to the Squirrel clan Ratatoskr in the viking strategy game Northgard.

Download Northgard Ratatoskr Clan of the Squirrel for free via the Steam network.

Steam can be found here.

The original game (not included in this offer) is required to use, respectively, play the contents of the DLC.

This is an EU key that can only be used / activated within Europe.

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Region: EU
Platform: Steam
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£ 3.46

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Northgard - Ratatoskr Clan of the Squirrel (DLC)

£ 3.46

  • Product description

    Led by Andhrímnir, the Clan of the Squirrel knows better than most how to enjoy the present moment but not at the expense of being farsighted and expert at managing resources.

    Their talented cooks are able to produce delicious meals that improve the abilities of the clan and their allies. For all that, their warriors and prowess on the battlefield should not be underestimated! Furthermore, with Ratatoskr as their totem animal, the clan is also adept at using manipulation and sowing discord in order to further their goals!

    Named in after the Æsir's cook, Andhrímnir displayed unprecedented skills in the culinary arts from a young age, despite fierce competition within the clan. As fearless and authoritarian in the kitchen as he is on the battlefield, Andhrímnir has everything one would expect from... a “warchef”!